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The Project Warehouse listed projects that aimed to boost college completion among adults who had earned some college credits, but were not currently enrolled. Here, you can learn about these efforts by browsing different projects or grouping them by keyword or focus.


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Below is an alphabetical listing of projects. You can select filters to narrow the results.

The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies is exclusively designed for learners with at least two years of transferable credit from other institutions other than UNC Pembroke, who hold either Associate in Applied Arts (AAA) or Associate in Applied Sciences (AAS) degrees. The programs serves adult students, in particular, who seek a broad, more flexible degree program.

Ivy Tech Community College and the Indiana University Division of Continuing Studies are implementing programs to identify and re-engage adult students.

LearningCounts is an online portfolio assessment service from the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) that offers colleges and universities an opportunity to scale up and modernize their Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) offerings. LearningCounts provides PLA support that includes student guidance to encourage participation, a huge network of trained faculty assessors and access to promotional tools to inform your community about the chance to earn college credit for their work and life experiences.

This effort allows 12 states to align their educational and career pathways with a nationally-recognized skills certification system.

Indiana is joining other states in aligning its educational and career pathways with a nationally recognized skills certification system.

The National League of Cities (NLC), through its Institute for Youth, Education, and Families (YEF Institute), is increasing cities' capacity to reach postsecondary success goals through the development and dissemination of a range of resources and peer learning opportunities.

Next Step Maine is the umbrella program at the Maine Development Foundation for the Employers’ Initiative and Adult Learner Online Resources.


The American Association of Community Colleges is working with institutions to increase the number of adult students over age 50 with a focus on those with prior college credits to complete credentials.

This partnership between Oklahoma's Reach Higher degree completion program and the Central Oklahoma Workforce Investment Board provides grants for residents from four counties who are within 15 hours of a certificate or degree.

The Win-Win project is in its third and final year of operation to identify and find (a) former students with no degree who actually qualified to receive an Associate’s degree, and to have those degrees awarded retroactively, and (b) former students with no degree but whose records indicate they are within striking distance (9-12 credits) of an Associate’s, and persuade them to return to school to finish up.