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The Project Warehouse listed projects that aimed to boost college completion among adults who had earned some college credits, but were not currently enrolled. Here, you can learn about these efforts by browsing different projects or grouping them by keyword or focus.


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Below is an alphabetical listing of projects. You can select filters to narrow the results.

The Employee Education Delivery System has the goal of helping 3,500 working adults in Greater Louisville complete Bachelor's degrees by 2014. The project helps to ease the process for returning to school and completing a degree by providing resources about College Knowledge, Affordability, Logistics and Ongoing Support. The Employee Education Delivery System is part of a larger community commitment to increase by 55,000 the number of adults with post-secondary degrees by 2020.

The U of M Finish Line Program is a degree completion program that targets students who previously attended the University of Memphis and have completed 90 or more credit hours but have regrettably had to abandon their dreams of completing a college degree. Many have demonstrated the ability to be successful in college and are within a single academic year of successful graduation (i.e. 30 hours). Yet the primary reason for withdrawal at 90+ hours is exhausted financial aid and related external situations, such as needing to work full-time to support a family.

The program actively recruits URI students who left with 80 or more earned credits but did not graduate. The program has progressed, and we serve transfer students also.

Gateways to Success is a multi-faceted program that addresses the unique needs and challenges that face adult first-generation students and the institutions that serve them.

Getting AHEAD, which is a broad effort to improve education outcomes in Arizona, includes a focus on easing the transfer process, which will speed completion for adults with prior college credits.

Grad TX is a program and web portal designed to help adults return to college and finish their bachelor’s degrees. Grad TX universities offer programs designed specifically for returning students to help them overcome these and other obstacles.

Graduate! Philadelphia works to increase the number and proportion of adults with quality college degrees in Philadelphia, and has been replicated in other urban areas.  It is a program of The Graduate! Network, Inc.

The HIRE (Higher Income Requires Education) Education Forum has a vision to unite the Greater Louisville post-secondary community so that it can collaboratively and effectively respond to economic development challenges by bridging the gap between academia and business, and increase our region’s post-secondary graduation rate.

The Illinois Community College Council on Adult Student Recruitment and Retention (ICCCASRR) was formed in July 2013 to address the unique challenges and need of growing adult student enrollment on community college campuses. What is ICCCASRR’s mission? It works to share best practices to increase adult enrollment and improve retention at member institutions, enhance student services, provide networking opportunities, and build stronger relationships with our community college counterparts.

InsideTrack Coaching is a methodology that has been proven to have a measurable impact on long-term student success. Similar to executive coaching, InsideTrack Coaches work one-on-one with students on a regular basis to clarify where they want to go to college and beyond, map out a plan for getting there, and provide guidance along the way. We also support them in identifying and overcoming the obstacles that can hinder their success.