Bachelor of Integrated Studies

Murray, Kentucky

The Bachelor of Integrated Studies degree is an adult-completer degree that mainly targets students established in careers who do not need an academic credential for a new career. It also works well for students who desire a liberal arts education and for some who plan to enter graduate programs.


The degree is designed for adults with previous college credit and/or significant life experience. Adults find the Integrated Studies program appealing because of its flexible degree requirements and alternative methods of earning additional credits. Correspondence and online courses can apply to the fulfillment of degree requirements. For added convenience, traditional courses are offered both on-campus and at our regional campuses.

Students with numerous business courses face restrictions imposed by accreditation requirements. Teacher education and nursing programs are not available to Integrated Studies students. The degree program is not well adapted to a professional field; for this, a traditional degree is a better choice.

Expected Outcomes: 
  • Help adults with 60+ hours of college credit complete their degree.
  • Help students who have significant life experiences obtain credit through Prior Learning Assessments.
Lisa O'Neal
Coordinator of Special Academic Projects


United States
Additional Contacts: 

Marla Poyner
Dan Lavit