Campus Life Adult Student Advocacy Program

Little Rock, Arkansas

This effort provides a single-point-of-contact--an adult student advocate--that is available to respond quickly to nontraditional student questions, concerns, and needs on campus.


The advocate conducts one-to-one information sessions for any student in order to provide an overview of campus. Outreach to every newly applied student over the age of 24 occurs each term. Communication via email continues in order to keep students informed about campus activities, news, and policy changes. Come and Go noon time gatherings are held regularly throughout each semester in order to provide a place for student to socialize. Recognition is provided in the form of an adult student honor society chapter on campus.

Expected Outcomes: 

1) To ease the transition nontraditional students experience when they enter the college environment. 2) To create a community of adult students on campus. 3) To support and retain current students through to degree completion. 4) To inform prospective students about the admission process. 5) To represent the adult student population in administrative meetings. 6) To communicate through outreach via email all extracurricular activities and programs available to adult students. 7) To advise and counsel students about all other resources on campus. 8) To assist senior citizens with navigating the institution, application and registration process.

Pattie Hornbeck
Office of Campus Life


2801 S. University Ave.
Little Rock, AR 72204
United States
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