Illinois Community College Council on Adult Student Recruitment and Retention

Glen Ellyn, Illinois

The Illinois Community College Council on Adult Student Recruitment and Retention (ICCCASRR) was formed in July 2013 to address the unique challenges and need of growing adult student enrollment on community college campuses. What is ICCCASRR’s mission? It works to share best practices to increase adult enrollment and improve retention at member institutions, enhance student services, provide networking opportunities, and build stronger relationships with our community college counterparts. The Council provides a partnership with Illinois community colleges to share information to accomplish our respective institutional goals.


ICCCASRR currently meets three times a year at member institutions throughout the state. Leaders from CAEL (Council on Adult and Experientail Learning) presented "Serving Adult Learners Effectively" at the July 2015 meeting and during all meetings, members are encouraged to share what is happening on their respective campuses. The goal of the meetings is to inform, provide support, networking and new ideas to implement.

Expected Outcomes: 

ICCCASRR hopes to expand its current membership of 22 Illinois community colleges and provide a unique and one-of-a-kind platform for those that work with adults in community colleges. There is no "one size fits all" adult student in a community college setting. Coming together to share best practices, challenges and what is or is not working on our campuses helps us to better serve the adult student population. This ultimatelly will lead to increased enrollments and retention in a population that garners nearly 50% of our total enrollments.

Innovations & Lessons Learned: 

The information sharing at ICCCASRR meetings leads to immediate innovation and implementation. For example, one member school shared that they hosted information sessions for adults offering free coffee and homebaked goods from their culinary students. After learning about this session, another member institution went back to their school, got buy in from their leadership, tweaked the idea by having a career counselor also present at the session and yielded nearly 100 participants!

Angela Nackovic
Adult Admissions Representative


425 Fawell Blvd.
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
United States