Prior Learning Assessment and the Public Workforce System: Additional Resources

On a recent webinar examining how the public workforce system can better take advantage of prior learning assessment to increase credential completion, speakers referenced several additional materials that may be of use. Below is a collection of some of those materials along with additional materials that may be useful.

Training and Employment Guidance Letter 33-11. This document provides guidance from the Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration that encourages one-stop centers to take advantage of prior learning assessment in serving clients.

Education and Training Administration Webinar. This webinar outlines emerging strategies in credential attainment that may be of interest for the  workforce system.

State of Indiana Guidance on Prior Learning Assessment. Indiana issued guidance in 2012 explicitly allowing workforce centers to use workforce investment act funds to cover the costs associated with undergoing a prior learning assessment process.

Adult College Completion Portal. This resource from the Rutgers Education and Employment Research Center and the National Association of Workforce Boards provides a range of resources aimed at workforce center staff about adult college completion programs.

Fueling the Race to Postsecondary Success. This report from CAEL analyzes data on the outcomes of more than 60,000 students and finds that receiving credits through prior learning assessment reduces a student’s time to complete a degree as well as reducing overall cost.

Prior Learning Assessment Inside and Out. This online academic journal publishes articles on prior learning assessment focused on both research and practice.

ACE Military Training Evaluations. The American Council on Education provides credit recommendations for military training, meaning that active duty and veteran students can start a postsecondary career with significant college credits. The training programs are rigorously evaluated by faculty members from across the country. ACE also evaluates and recommends credit for corporate training.

CAEL’s LearningCounts.org. The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning offers a 3rd party prior learning assessment system. Through learning counts, individuals can complete a portfolio process and receive credit recommendations from faculty evaluators. This allows institutions to provide a wide breadth of prior learning assessment options without devoting resources to develop the capacity internally.

Global Learning Qualifications Framework.  Empire State College, with funding from Lumina Foundation, has developed an open-source framework that other institutions can use to develop a robust prior learning assessment system that can evaluate all levels of college-level learning.


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