Workforce Policies to Promote Adult College Completion

A brief from the Rutgers School for Management and Labor Relations examines how policies in local workforce investment areas can be adjusted to provide pathways for adults with prior college credit to pursue degree or certificate completion using resources from the workforce system. The brief, which is available here, focuses on how the Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) can be an obstacle for clients of the workforce system to use training dollars to pursue for-credit courses as part of a degree program.

Degree completion options must be included on the ETPL for individuals to pursue these programs. The brief identifies several challenges for listing degree completion options, including institutions not submitting applications for their programs to be included on the list, workforce staff not being aware of ways to add programs to the list, and general courses needed for degree completion may not be listed due to the nature of the ETPL requiring options be specific to a career pathway.

The brief comes from a joint project between Rutgers and the National Association of Workforce Boards that is working with workforce systems in four states to better align policy and practice so that degree completion is an option for those with significant prior college credit. More information about the project, along with additional resources, is available here.


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