Recent Webinar — Partnerships for Progress: Workforce and Higher Education Institutions

Improving collaboration between workforce boards and institutions of higher education could help better serve those adults who enter the workforce system with a significant number of college credits but no degree. This webinar will explore specific strategies that both two- and four-year institutions, as well as policymakers, can pursue to foster better communication and collaboration ultimately resulting in increased credential completion by adults who enter the workforce training system.

The webinar took place May 21 at 3 pm EDT.

Please click here to view the agenda and here to view the slides and recording.

Speakers (please click here to view their biographies):

Robyn Minton, vice president of operations, The Center of Workforce Innovations, Indiana

Eddie Foreman, ceo, Central Oklahoma Workforce Investment Board (COWIB), Oklahoma 

John Metcalf, National Association of Workforce Boards

Heather A. McKay, director, Education and Employment Research Center, Rutgers University