Developing and Delivering Curricula for a Competency-based Degree Program

Due to high demand, we presented an additional webinar on Wisconsin's competency-based degree program. This webinar focused on the development and implementation of the academic side of the program.

To view the slides from the webinar, please click here.

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This webinar builds on one hosted by the ACC Network in March that provided an overview of Wisconsin's recently-developed competency-based degree program.

Launching the Flexible Option’s curricular offerings has required close collaboration between faculty and program administrators. Beyond the technical aspects of the program's development (which will not be addressed in this webinar), it has required a conceptual reorientation among all those involved.

The process of delivering the curriculum to students requires managing faculty workloads while still providing close mentorship and advising through the Academic Success Coaches. Speakers from across the University of Wisconsin system will provide details on the development of the academic aspects of the program, the process used to work through these issues, and the early lessons they have identified as the program has rolled out.