Lumina seeks feedback on new version of Degree Qualifications Profile

Lumina Foundation has released a new iteration of its Degree Qualifications Profile. This version, DQP 2.0, is still intended to provide definitions for learning signified by associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees. Individuals, organizations, and institutions interested in reviewing the framework are invited to provide feedback on the document through March 15 on the DQP website.

Lumina released the first version in 2011 and this version reflects feedback from initial users. Lumina plans to incorporate new feedback and publish another version in the fall of 2014 that also includes postsecondary certificates.

DQP 2.0 builds on the previous work but also incorporates new proficiencies on ethical reasoning and global learning, but the emphasis remains providing qualitative learning outcomes rather quantitative measures such as credit hours and grade point averages.

An ACCN webinar in 2013 provided more background about the DQP and its implications for those working to increase degree and certificate completion for adults with significant prior college credit.  


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