Project Win-Win Awards More Than 4,500 Degrees

October 28, 2013
Project Win-Win, a large-scale effort to identify former students of associate’s degree granting that earned enough credits for a degree but never received one, has completed its work, resulting in 4,550 individuals receiving degrees. The Institute for Higher Education Policy has released a final report on the project that details the results at 61 institutions in 9 states and offers numerous recommendations for policy and practice for those seeking to duplicate the strategy elsewhere. 
The project – funded by Lumina Foundation and the Kresge Foundation – began by having institutions identify those students who might have earned sufficient credits for a degree but left without obtaining one. Institutions filtered these students (over 128,000) through the National Student Clearinghouse and state data systems to removed those who had earned degrees elsewhere, or were currently enrolled. This left more than 41,700 students. 
Staff at institutions then carried out degree audits on these students, and found that more than 6,700 were eligible for degrees and 20,100 were within nine credits of completion. The project was unable to award degrees to all 6,700 that were eligible either because they could not find the individuals or those individuals did not opt to receive the credential.
Of the 20,100 students close to earning a degree, institutions participating in the project just under 2,100 either returned to school or indicated that they intended to return. 















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