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West Virginia is creating an integrated statewide adult degree completion program.


The state's Higher Education Policy Commission is leading a collaborative effort to create DegreeNow, an integrated statewide adult degree completion program, from two established but separate programs. Key partners include the Community and Technical College System of West Virginia (coordinating body for community/technical colleges), and NASPA-Student Affairs in Higher Education (the national professional association for student affairs administration, policy and practice).

DegreeNow will incorporate three components: the West Virginia Board of Governors' A.A.S. Adult Degree Completion Program; the Regents Transfer Agreement, and the Regents Bachelor of Arts Today program. Together, these components will provide a continuum in which adults can earn associate or bachelor’s degrees previously started and facilitate progress for those who complete an associate and choose to work toward earning a bachelor’s. DegreeNow will help 3,000 adults complete an associate's degree and 4,600 complete a bachelor’s. After the grant ends, DegreeNow expects to help 2,500 adults per year complete a credential.

Expected Outcomes: 
  • 3,000 adults will complete an associate's degree.
  • 4,600 adults will complete a bachelor's degree.
  • 2,500 adults per year will complete a credential after grant completion.
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Robert Anderson
Senior Director of Policy and Planning


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