Adult Learner Portal

Atlanta, Georgia

The Southern Regional Education Board is establishing the Adult Learner Portal as a clearinghouse of degree completion programs, supported by services and information adults can use in considering a return to college.


The portal will provide a single-entry point for adults to learn more about returning to college and other information that will help them decide which  programs are most appropriate to their needs. The portal will be beta-tested in 2013 within the Southern region, then launched in the future as a national service. Marketing/recruitment campaigns will support the regional and national rollouts. With more than 50 million working-age adults having some college credit but no degree, the portal is expected to serve a large population. Given the online focus of programs in the portal, geography need not be a barrier or a major consideration for adult learners. A key benefit of this effort will be the cost savings to states, which will not need to develop adult learner portals given the availability of the national portal.


Expected Outcomes: 

Expected outcomes coming soon!

Mary Agnes Larson
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