Adult College Completion Network

Boulder, CO

WICHE is facilitating a learning network of organizations and agencies dedicated to improving adult college completion programs.


The Adult College Completion Network is bringing together grantees and others involved in completion efforts to share promising and proven practices. WICHE is organizing an annual meeting of the leaders of key projects funded by Lumina Foundation. Additionally, WICHE has developed this website to help disseminate the lessons learned, exciting new results, and promising practices that deserve more study.

Expected Outcomes: 
  • Formation of the Adult College Completion Network, whose members will have access to the latest research and expertise and will share challenges and effective strategies for serving the target population.
  • Dissemination of findings, outcomes, and effective strategies gleaned from the Adult College Completion Network to audiences that include policymakers, policy shapers, researchers, practitioners, and others who are working to better serve the target population. 
Additional Resources: 
Demaree Michelau
Director of Policy Analysis
(303) 541-0223


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United States
Additional Contacts: 

Christina Sedney
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